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School Stuff: For Parents

school blocks Welcome to BritainUSA.com 4Kids!

Perhaps you are here because your child has been asked by his or her teacher to do a project on Britain. Or maybe you and your child simply want to learn more about all things British.

Well, good news: This site is here to help.

For instance, we have a section devoted to British History & Geography. There kids will learn that Britain has not been invaded since the Normans came from France in 1066, but it was invaded many times before that. And that the invaders included groups like the Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and, yes, the Vikings!

If they are looking for photos (and kids love photos), we have a picture gallery on the 4kids site. There are pictures from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as images of London, the Royal Family and castles.

Kids can also find out about the many differences between British English and American English. Words are used differently of course, and many English words have different meanings in Britain or are unique to British culture. Kids should check out our glossary of British terms.

We also have information about Pen Pals. And scouts might want to visit our section on the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge. It includes information on how to write the Embassy.

We also have sections on British sports and about life in Britain. How is life different for kids in the United Kingdom? These and other questions can be answered by using the 4kids site, the main BritainUSA site, and our Frequently Asked Questions.

Enjoy the site and we hope you and your kids learn a lot. If you have any comments or suggestions about BritainUSA or BritainUSA 4Kids, please use our feedback form. We'd welcome your input.


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