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Sports: The Olympics

Olympics The modern Olympics are modeled after the games played by the ancient Greeks starting in 700 B.C. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Today, there are two Olympic games: Winter and Summer. The games are played every two years, alternating between Winter and Summer. The Summer Olympics will next be held in Beijing, and the next Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.

London will host the Olympic Games for the third time in its history in the summer of 2012. Great Britain last hosted the Olympics in 1948, and before that in 1908 when British athletes won 141 medals. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 will 'mark the start of the greatest celebration of sport' for the country. "The Olympic flame will be lit in London, marking the start of the greatest celebration of sport we will have ever seen in this country. But the vision for London 2012 is about more than just hosting a fantastic summer of sport. It is about using this opportunity as a catalyst for lasting change in our country."

Britain has won gold at the Olympics in a great many sports including archery, weightlifting, football, tennis, running, decathlon, swimming, cycling, shooting, hurdling, walking, rowing, yachting, equestrianism, fencing, steeple-chase, boxing, long jump, relay, pentathlon, javelin, hockey, ice skating, bobsleigh and curling.

Visit the official website for London 2012 to learn more about this momentous event. You can also read about the British Olympic Association, and the Olympic movement.

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