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What is the most popular food in Britain?
Frequently Asked Question

Fish & Chips

Things to do

Fish and Chips

Food and Drink

Do the British drink tea and eat roast beef all day long or are there some modern additions to a typical British menu? Find out here.




Do British kids watch the same TV shows as you? Can I watch British kids' shows in the US? Click here to find out.



Music and Radio

Click here to find out how you can listen to British radio stations and to see which British bands are popular at the moment.





What are British children reading at the moment? Who are famous British authors? All the information you need is here.



Naomi Campbell


Are you up to date with all the latest trends? British designers are well known for their flair and creativity. Click here to find out which designers are making their mark.



James Bond


How many of the films you've seen recently have been British? It may be more than you think...

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