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What is the most popular food in Britain?
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Fish & Chips

Things to do: Television

Newsround presenters. Copyright BBC

There are five main channels in Britain: two national commercial-free BBC networks and the commercial ITV1 (Channel 3), Channel 4 and Channel 5 services. In Wales, S4C broadcasts programs on the fourth channel. They all offer a mixture of drama, light entertainment, films, sport, educational, children’s and religious programs, news and current affairs, and documentaries.

The students of Grange Hill. Copyright BBC

Like in the United States, most kids have access to broadcast as well as cable television channels. In the U.K., these kids’ channels include Fox Kids, Trouble TV, CBBC, and Nick Jr.

Britain's main channels carry a lot of American programs, aimed at both adults and children, including Scrubs, Heroes, House.

Many UK programs are broadcast in the United States—on channels like Bravo, PBS, and BBC America.

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