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Media Inquiries
IT Project Team, New York, 6/15/2008

The Following numbers are for professional media inquiries only. NOT for inquiries about visas or passports

Our Press and Public Affairs Officers answer media inquiries about British policy, act as a contact point for media and cultural relations, provide background briefings and information about the UK and coordinate high level visits to the US.

The British Embassy
Washington, DC

Telephone: (202) 588 6500
Fax: (202) 588 7870

British Consulate-General

Kirstine Rushing
Telephone: (404) 954 7716
Fax: (404) 954 7702

Natalie Pawelski
Telephone: (404) 954 7706

British Consulate-General
Joe Pickerell
Telephone: (617) 245 4513
Fax: (617) 621 0220
British Consulate-General
Samantha Nugent
Telephone: (312) 970 3811
Fax: (312) 970 3852
British Consulate

Kevin Lynch
Telephone: (303) 592 5200
Fax: (303) 592 5209

British Consulate-General
Mitch Jeffrey
Telephone: (713) 659 6270 ext. 2117
Fax: (713) 659 7094
British Consulate-General
Los Angeles
Amy Exelby
Telephone: (310) 996 3028
Fax: (310) 481 2960

British Consulate
Annette Hugues
Telephone: (305) 374 1522 ext. 2320
Fax: (305) 374 8196 
British Consulate-General
New York

Leslie Slocum (Public Affairs Officer)
Telephone: (212) 745 0258
Fax: (212) 758 5395

Clare Risman (Northern Ireland)
Telephone: (212) 745 0348

British Consulate
Annette Hugues
Telephone: 407-254-3300 ext 2320
Fax: 407-254-3333
British Consulate-General
San Francisco

Robin Newmann
Telephone: (415) 617 1340
Fax: (415) 434 2018

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