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Prime Minister Gordon Brown Visits the United States
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 4/15/2008

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is visiting the United States from April 16-19, 2008. Prime Minister Brown is speaking at the Kennedy Library in Boston and the United Nations in New York and met President George W. Bush at the White House in Washington. His meetings are focusing on the global economy and other areas of mutual bilateral interest.

This visit marks Prime Minister Gordon Brown's second visit to the United States since becoming prime minister. His first trip to the US was to Camp David in July of last year for meetings with President Bush.

You can follow rolling updates of the visit with images, speeches, etc. through this website and 10 Downing Street's dedicated US visit website.

Prime Minister Addresses the UN Security Council on Africa:
Prime Minister Gordon Brown delivered a speech on April 16 at the United Nations in New York. He said the United Kingdom is working to ensure that the will of the people of Zimbabwe is upheld following the recent elections.

He said, "Britain supports those in the African Union and SADC who are working to ensure the will of the Zimbabwean people is upheld.  We will do everything we can to encourage these efforts, pleased SADC are meeting this weekend."

View full speech

Prime Minister Gordon Brown Meets US Presidential Candidates at British Embassy:
On April 17, Prime Minister Gordon Brown held a series of one-to-ones at the residence in the British Embassy. Prime Minister Brown also had a private breakfast meeting with Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve bank, and discussed the global economy. Over the course of the morning the prime minister met presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Senator Barack Obama,
in the residence of the British Embassy, Washington, DC.
Crown copyright.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Senator Hillary Clinton,
in the residence of the British Embassy, Washington, DC.
Crown copyright.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Senator John McCain,
in the residence of the British Embassy, Washington, DC.
Crown copyright.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President George Bush Hold Joint Press Conference in Washington:
Prime Minister Gordon Brown continued his visit to the United States at the White House where he met with President Bush for talks and took part in a joint press conference. View full press conference.

Prime Minister Brown and President Bush
arrive in the Rose Garden for the press conference.
Crown copyright.

Prime Minister Brown Hosts MDG Call to Action Meeting with Leading US Development Advocates: 
While in Washington, Prime Minister Gordon Brown brought together a group of development leaders to the British Embassy - business executives, students, faith leaders, government officials, representatives, advocacy and aid organizations - to assess the real world progress in developing nations and to jump-start the effort for his Millennium Development Goals "Call to Action."

Prime Minister Gordon Brown Delivers Speech on Foreign Policy in an Interdependent World:
Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a significant speech at the Kennedy Library in Boston on British foreign policy in an interdependent world. View full speech.

Prime Minister Brown delivering his speech on international
relations at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.
Crown copyright.

Notes to editors :

View full interview with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Katie Couric.

View interview with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and anchor Diane Sawyer on ABC's Good Morning America news program.

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