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Where can I find information on relocating or moving to the United Kingdom?
Frequently Asked Questions

Provided here is information and resources for individuals moving, relocating or planning an extended stay in Britain.

Included on this list are commercial internet sites offering relocation services, employment listings and property information. This is a selective list and inclusion on the list does not represent an endorsement by the British Embassy.

General Information

Website for US expatriates.

Junior League of London
The Junior League of Londonís publication, Living in London: A Practical Guide, can be purchased online.

Residence in the UK
This publication from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will help you deal with everything from entry requirements to setting up a business, education, welfare, tax and finding a home.


UK Border Agency
Provides information on British immigration rules, particularly those effecting long-term visitors.

Information on Cities, Localities and Regions in the United Kingdom

The American Expatriate Guide to Life in London

Local Government Web Sites
A list of county, borough and district government sites in the United Kingdom.

UK Property Gold Area Guides
Regional guides for British counties and towns.

Up My Street
A guide to local services, schools and government.

Bringing Your Belongings To Britain

Bringing Your Belongings and Private Motor Vehicle to the UK
Customs regulations for bringing personal belongings and motor vehicles into the United Kingdom.

Bringing Goods into the UK
When returning to the UK, ensure anything you bring back with you is legal. 

Bringing Pets to Britain
Information on Britainís quarantine regulations.

Importation of firearms into the UK
Regulations and guidelines on bringing firearms into the United Kingdom.

Motor Vehicles
Guidelines on the importation of automobiles into the United Kingdom.


Employment in Britain
General information on working in the United Kingdom.




Jobsearch UK






Total Jobs


Inland Revenue
The Government Department responsible for administering tax matters in the United Kingdom.

Inland Revenue International
Provides specific information on international tax issues.

UK Pocket Tax Book
A PriceWaterhouseCoopers publication that summarises personal and corporate taxation rates in the United Kingdom.

UK Taxation Directory
Links to web sites providing information on British tax matters.


Housing in Britain
An overview of housing options in the United Kingdom.

Health Coverage

Health coverage for overseas visitors
Healthcare options and organisations in the United Kingdom.


The British Council web site, has extensive information on all aspects of education in the United Kingdom.

Directory of International Schools
Compiled by International Schools Services, the Directory lists American international schools in the United Kingdom.

Independent Schools Information Service
A guide to independent education and independent schools in the United Kingdom.

Local Education Authorities in England
Local Education Authorities are local government organisations responsible for maintaining state schools in England and Wales.

British Telephone Directories

UK White Pages

UK Yellow Pages

British Banks and Banking

Opening a Bank Account
The information contained here applies to students, as well as all other individuals wishing to open a bank account in the United Kingdom.

Bank of Scotland



Lloyd TSB

Royal Bank of Scotland

Additional Information

The American's Guide to Speaking British

VisitBritain provides practical information on subjects such as cash and credit cards, electrical voltage, telephone codes and the Postal Service.

We hope this answered your inquiry. If not, please contact us using the email form and we will reply to you within 20 days.

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