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US General George C. Marshall The Marshall Scholarship Program

In 1953 the British Parliament established the Marshall Scholarship program, named in honor of US General George C. Marshall. The program was created as a thank-you to the American people for the assistance given to Europe in the aftermath of World War II through the European Recovery Program commonly known as the Marshall Plan.

President Bush. Photo Courtesy of Greg Mathieson of MAI Photos.

U.S. President George W. Bush Signs Book of Condolence at the British Embassy

PRESIDENT BUSH: It's my honor, Ambassador, to come and represent our great country in extending our condolences to people of Great Britain. To those who suffer loss of life, we pray for God's blessings. For those who are injured, we pray for fast healing. The British people are steadfast and strong. Long we've admired the great spirit of the Londoners and the people of Great Britain. Once again that great strength of character is coming through.

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