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Ever wanted to study abroad? This section will give you detailed information on studying in the UK. It will tell you where to find information on British universities and the programs they offer. A separate section tells you about British scholarships and exchange opportunities for American students. The British Government funds post-graduate study for around 45 American students every year through the Marshall Scholarship Program as a thank-you to the American people for the assistance given to Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War through the Marshall Plan.

The British Council is the British Government's international organization for educational and cultural relations. The British Council's website contains information and advice for American students on all aspects of study abroad in the UK.

We also provide information on the British educational system so that you can find out what it is like to be a student in the UK from Kindergarten through High School to college and beyond. 

The British Government runs the Atlantic Fellowships which provide a unique opportunity for outstanding mid-career professionals to gain practical experience in UK government departments.  Find out more about the Fellowships and how to apply. 

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