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England is the largest country in the United Kingdom. The UK consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Nearly 84% of the population of the UK lives in England, mainly in the major cities and metropolitan areas.
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St Georgeís Day
April 23rd is St Georgeís Day. St. George is the Patron Saint of England. William Shakespeare, Englandís greatest dramatist, died on April 23rd, which was probably also his birthday.
  • England
    BIS, New York, 3/6/2020
  • London
    BIS, New York, 3/6/2020
  • Walkers can enjoy more countryside in time for Spring Bank Holiday
    Department for The Environment, Food And Rural Affairs , 12/17/2004
  • Government cash gives 'massive' boost to Northern England
    Prime Minister's Office, 3/26/2004

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    The story of England and the English is one of history's most remarkable sagas. The word "England" evokes many different images: great cities with their imposing Georgian, Victorian and modern architecture; the Mediaeval castles and cathedrals of country towns; and the delightful villages and rolling hills that the poet and visionary William Blake called "England's green and pleasant land". And now the modern England, where innovation and dramatic new architecture in London, such as the London Eye and Canary Wharf, illustrates the constant collision of old and new that fuel England's (and the UK's) vibrant creativity.


    In contrast to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, England has no separate elected national body exclusively responsible for its central administration. Instead a number of government departments look after England's day-to-day administrative affairs.

    The British Government is prepared to devolve more power to the regions of England if there is a demand for it and has established a new London-wide authority for the capital.

    This consists of a directly elected Mayor who is able to influence policy on transport, economic development, strategic planning, the environment and culture, and a separately elected Assembly of 25 members with powers to question the Mayor on his or her activities and to investigate issues on behalf of Londoners. The first elections for the Greater London Authority took place on 4 May 2000.


    the Gherkin- Lord Foster's Swiss Re Tower
    London, the capital of England and of the United Kingdom, is by any standard one of the greatest cities in the world. It has a population of over eight million people with a multitude of social and cultural backgrounds, and it occupies over 600 square miles.

    London was the biggest port of the world's greatest trading nation for a period of 400 years between the 16th and the 20th centuries. It was the hub of that trade and the center of the British Empire.

    London today remains at the center of the world's commercial and financial stage, and still plays host to the mother of parliaments and a centuries-old monarchy.

    In May 2003 the Government announced its support for London's bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.


    England's distinctive culture, habits, values and traditions have been enriched by successive waves of immigration. England's history as a nation goes far back in time, and its influence has reached across the world. England boasts great writers including Shakespeare, Dickens and Jane Austen, whose literary tradition is maintained today by authors such as Julian Barnes, A S Byatt and Harold Pinter.

    The creativity and inventiveness of such brilliant architects and engineers as Wren, Paxton, Brunel and Lutyens has been recognized around the world. Lord (Norman) Foster is among those who continue that great tradition today.

    The links below will take you to current news as well as information on tourism, culture, business and government.

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