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Information about Scotland and its system of government.


  • Developing Renewable Energy
    Scottish Government, 5/21/2008
  • Scotland Week 2008
    British Embassy, Washington D.C., 3/31/2008
  • Facts at a Glance
    British Embassy, Washington, 12/5/2020
  • Prime Minister Gordon Brown Congratulates Glasgow
    10 Downing Street, 11/9/2020
  • UK Treasury Secretary Speaks on Scottish Education
    Treasury, London, 11/8/2020

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  • Facts at a glance
  • FAQs: Scotland
  • Scotland - The Home of Innovation

    After 300 years of being governed from London, Scotland again has its own Parliament and Executive. There are many exciting developments and challenges facing Scotland with its new power sharing agreement with London.

    Among other policy areas, the Scottish Parliament is responsible for education and science and technology. Scotland has a vast array of universities and colleges offering courses to suit every interest. It also has the highest percentage of university graduates in Europe. Maybe this explains why Scotland has such an outstanding record in science and technology. With discoveries such as penicillin and the p53 gene (the body's natural anti-cancer mechanism), and the cloning of Dolly the sheep, Scotland is recognized as one of the front runners in scientific and technological development.

    Scotland has a thriving tourist industry, with travelers being attracted by the variety of Scotland's landscape and coastline and its renowned golf courses. Numerous photographers have attempted to capture the beauty of this picturesque country.

    The name Scotland derives from the Scoti, a Celtic tribe who migrated to Scotland from Ireland during the 5th and 6th centuries. They merged with the Pictish tribes to form the Scottish nation and so began a long and eventful history.

    The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, famed for the historic castle and the Royal Mile, as well as terrific shopping and a thriving nightlife. Not forgetting of course the Edinburgh Festival where a host of talented artists perform for the public.

    The largest population center is Glasgow. This lively and cosmopolitan city was the European City of Culture in 1990 and the UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999.

    Always an innovative and forward thinking country, Scotland has produced many fine inventors, actors and writers. Maybe one of your Scottish ancestors was the inventor of the television!

    Scotland has a strong and vibrant culture with many traditions. A well-known example is the kilt, widely synonymous with the Scottish character. Haggis is also commonly associated with Scotland.

    Scotland is renowned for its fresh water lochs - there are more than 600 square miles of them. One of the most famous is Loch Ness where a mysterious monster is said to lurk in the depths of the water.

  • Scotland
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