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Key Speeches by British Government Leaders

•  Prime Minister Gordon Brown: Britain Always at Israel's Side
10 Downing Street, 7/21/2008

•  UK Minister for Europe Gives Inaugural Lecture at the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism
FCO, London, 7/14/2008

•  Minister for Europe Jim Murphy Remarks on the Evolving Transatlantic Agenda
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 7/11/2020

•  Minister for Europe Jim Murphy Launches FCO Publication Engagement: Public Diplomacy in a Globalized World
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 7/10/2020

•  UK Secretary for Defense Speaks on UK-US Defense at Brookings
British Embassy, Washington DC, 7/10/2020

•  Sir Nigel Sheinwald: The Future of Energy and the Promise of America
British Consulate General, Houston, 7/8/2020

•  Foreign Secretary Miliband: Freedom and Responsibility - New Challenges in Africa
FCO, London, 7/7/2020

•  Foreign Secretary David Miliband Speech on Britain's Role in Europe, EU
FCO, London, 7/3/2020

•  FCO Minister Jim Murphy: Building a High Growth, Low Carbon Economy
FCO, London, 6/25/2008

•  Prime Minister Gordon Brown Sets Out Energy Plan
10 Downing Street, 6/22/2008

•  Prime Minister Gordon Brown: Security and Liberty Can Be Protected
10 Downing Street, 6/17/2008

•  Deputy Ambassador Dominick Chilcott Celebrates the 125th Anniversary of Cardiff University
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 6/13/2008

•  Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald: Conflict Prevention and Resolution - A Diplomatic Imperative
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 6/4/2020

•  Countering Terrorism in a Democracy
The Home Office, 6/3/2020

•  FCO Minister for Europe: Faith and Culture in a Modern Europe
FCO, London, 6/2/2020

•  UK Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald Honors Marshall Scholar Alumnus Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 5/29/2008

•  UK Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald Speaks to the Association of International Educators
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 5/27/2008

•  Foreign Secretary David Miliband: Dilemmas of Democracy: Work in Progress in Afghanistan, Pakistan
FCO, London, 5/21/2008

•  Foreign Secretary David Miliband: Conflict and Responsible Sovereignty
FCO, London, 5/19/2008

•  Prime Minister Gordon Brown Praises Internet Industry as a Model for the Global Economy
10 Downing Street, 5/19/2008

•  UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband Speech on Green Peace: Energy, Europe and the Global Order
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, 5/8/2020

•  Minister for Africa: Health Security - Foreign Policy and Global Health
FCO, London, 4/29/2008

•  Sir Nigel Sheinwald speaks on Trans-Atlantic Business: Strength in Challenging Times
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 4/25/2008

•  Sir Nigel Sheinwald: Current Threats and Future Institutions
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 4/25/2008

•  British Ambassador to the US, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, visits Chicago
British Embassy, Washington, 4/23/2008

•  DFID Minister Speaks on the Global Campaign for Education for All
DFID, London, 4/22/2008

•  Deputy Ambassador Dominick Chilcott Speaks to St George Society on Transatlantic Relations
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 4/22/2008

•  Prime Minister Gordon Brown Delivers Speech on Foreign Policy in an Interdependent World
10 Downing Street, 4/18/2008

•  Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President George Bush Hold Joint Press Conference in Washington
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 4/17/2008

•  Home Secretary Speaks on Preventing Terrorism: Background and Next Steps
The Home Office, 4/16/2008

•  International Development Secretary: Climate Change and the Development Tests
DFID, London, 4/14/2008

•  Chancellor of the Exchequer Calls for International Institutional Reform, World Economies to Meet Challenges
HM Treasury, 4/11/2020

•  Home Secretary: UK and Pakistan Countering Terrorism Together
The Home Office, 4/7/2020

•  Foreign Secretary David Miliband: From Global Empire to Global Hub
FCO, London, 4/2/2020

•  FCO Minister for Europe: Why Turkish Accession is Important for the European Unionís Future
FCO, London, 4/1/2021

•  FCO Minister: Taking Stock in Pakistan - Recent Developments and Future Trends
FCO, London, 4/1/2021

•  Foreign Secretary David Miliband Launches the FCO 2007 Human Rights Report
FCO, London, 3/26/2008

•  FCO Minister for Europe: Europe - Fresh Challenges for a New Generation
FCO, London, 3/13/2008

•  FCO Minister Speaks to UN Human Rights Council about its Recent Work Around the World
FCO, London, 3/6/2020

•  Foreign Secretary David Miliband Speaks at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Leadership Conference
FCO, London, 3/4/2020

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Key Speeches by British Government Leaders
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