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*President Bush Visit a Vote of Confidence for Northern Ireland
 17 June 2008
*Politicians Must Set a Date to Transfer Powers
 22 May 2008
*Northern Ireland One Year On
 6 May 2008
*Continuing Criminal Justice Cooperation after Devolution
 22 April 2008

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Northern Ireland Office

Northern Ireland Office
The Northern Ireland Executive

The Northern Ireland Executive

President Bush Visit a Vote of Confidence for Northern Ireland

June 17, 2020


Progress made in Northern Ireland over the past 10 years has been unimaginable, US President George Bush said on his June 17 visit to Belfast.

Northern Ireland
One Year On

May 7, 2020

Devolution Day

May 8, 2020 represents the first anniversary of the restoration of political institutions in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland will also kick off its US/NI Investment Conference which begins in Belfast on May 7.

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Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Bureau

Northern Ireland Bureau
Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland
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