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British Embassy, 4/23/2008

Consular/Passport Inquiries
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Trade and Investment Inquiries
Public Holidays
Map of our offices in the USA

Visa Inquiries

Please visit the visa pages of the website. For further visa enquiries please contact Worldbridge, our commerical partner, at these numbers:

1 900 656 5000 - calls cost $US3 per minute


1 212 796 5773 - $US12 flat fee  (residents outside the US will need to call this number)

Please note: Worldbridge is NOT able to provide information on the status of an application that has already been submitted.

Consular/Passport Inquiries

Passport inquiries

Passport services for British Citizens are centralised in Washington DC. Please visit the passport and citizenship pages.

All passport telephone inquiries are handled by our outsource partner Abtran. Please call 1-900 285 7277. Hours of operation: Weekdays from 08.30-20.30 Eastern Standard Time. Calls cost $2.49 per minute. If you have difficulties reaching the above number and wish to pay by credit card, please call 1-800 630 3332.

Consular inquiries:

The Consular Section at the British Embassy, Washington issues British passports and birth registrations, and is responsible for questions relating to British nationality. Other consulates are available to perform the legalisation of documents, oaths/affirmation of allegiance, notices of marriage and other matters relating to the welfare of British Citizens within their respective consular district. Click here to find your nearest Consulate.

If you are a British Citizen in need of consular assistance, staff in the following Consulates will be able to help you in situations of emergency:

The emergency numbers provided are only to be used in cases of genuine emergency. We will not respond to routine inquiries on these numbers.

The British Embassy
Washington, DC
Emergency: (202) 588 6500
Fax: (202) 588 7850

British Consulate-General, Atlanta
Emergency: (404) 954 7700
Fax: (404) 954 7702

British Consulate-General, Boston
Emergency: (757) 278 0064
Fax: (617) 621 0220

British Consulate-General, Chicago
Emergency: (312) 970 3800
Fax: (312) 970 3852

British Consulate, Denver
Emergency only
 (during office hours): (303) 592 5212
Emergency only (outside of office hours): (713) 659 6270
Fax: (303) 592 5209

British Consulate-General, Houston
Emergency: (713) 659 6270
Fax: (713) 659 7094

British Consulate-General, Los Angeles
Emergency (Office Hours) : (310)-481-0031
Emergency (Out of Hours) : (877)-514-1233
Fax: (310) 481-0031

British Consulate-General, Miami
: (305) 374 3500
Fax: (305) 374 8196

British Consulate-General, New York
Emergency: (212) 745 0202 (option 2)
Fax: (212) 754 3062

British Consulate, Orlando
: (407) 254 3300
Fax: (407) 254 3333

British Consulate-General, San Francisco
Emergency: (415) 617 1300
Fax: (415) 434 2018

General Inquiries

General Inquiries about Britain can be sent to:

Public Inquiries

Public Affairs Team
The British Embassy
Washington D.C.
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington D.C. 20008-3600

Or submit your question on-line at:
British Embassy Inquiry Service

If you wish to speak to an operator with a general inquiry about the UK, please call 1-900 255 6685. This is a premium rate service handled by our outsource partner Abtran. All calls are charged at the rate of $2.49 per minute.

If you have difficulties reaching this number and wish to pay by credit card, please call 1-800 443 8882.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, from 0830 to 2030 EST, excluding public holidays.

Email and telephone inquiries about visas and passports to the above contact details will NOT receive a response. For visa and passport inquiries - see information above. 

Trade & Investment Inquiries

UK Trade & Investment provides assistance to UK companies who wish to export goods and services to the United States, assists US companies source goods and services from the UK and helps US companies establish oe expand an operations base in Britain. Officers are based in the following locations. Or visit our website at

Please note : Visa Enquiries addressed to Trade and Invesment contacts below WILL NOT receive a response.

British Consulate-General, Atlanta
Glen Whitley
Telephone: (404) 954 7700

British Consulate-General, Boston
Cyndi Bouthot
Telephone: (617) 245 4507
Fax: (617) 621 0220

British Consulate-General, Chicago
Claudia Anderson
Telephone: (312) 970 3800
Fax: (312) 970 3852

British Consulate-General, Houston
Rob Toker
Telephone: (713) 659 6275 x 2140
Fax: (713) 659 7094

British Consulate-General, Los Angeles
Andrew Lewis
Telephone: (310) 481 2928
Fax: (310) 481 2960

British Consulate-General, Miami
Ximena Prelle, Vice Consul Trade & Investment
Christiane Plante, Vice Consul Trade & Investment
Telephone: (305) 374 1522
Fax: (305) 374 8196

British Consulate-General, New York
Rosemary Dix
Telephone: (212) 745 0495
Fax: (212) 745 0456

British Consulate-General, San Francisco
Adrienne Keane
Telephone: (415) 617 1361
Fax: (415) 434 2018

Kids Section
Great new Kids Section
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